QxLab has a new member! Welcome Dr. Helard Becerra

Welcome and congratulations on becoming Postdoctoral Research Associate at QxLab.  Helard joined QxLab from Universidade de Brasília where his PhD research into multimodal QoE models led to the development of an audiovisual model for predicting Quality of Experience using data-driven neural networks and autoencoders.  His current research interests include audio-visual signals, quality metrics, multimedia processing and machine learning.

Science week in Ireland: Hamed explained how the Internet works for 3rd class primary school

How the Internet worksLast week it was science week in Ireland. As part of our communication and outreach engagement, Hamed visited a local primary school to explain how the internet works to a class of eight year old students.

He started by asking the question: “Who knows how a postal package gets delivered?”


He used this example to illustrate the role of routers in computer networks. Once the students understood how routers operate in the networks, they were able to apply their knowledge to an exciting game. Hamed used the game to illustate convergence as kids exchanged paper notes with the location of servers. They also simulated packet forwarding by sending a request from a user to the server and vice versa.

“Sound is the vocabulary of our world” @ the Abbey Road Hackathon

Pheobe participated in the Abbey Road Music Tech Hackathon winning two awards for Best example of spatial audio and the Best use of Audio Commons award.

Her team, Hear The World built a platform that sonifies the physical world allowing those who cannot see to feel the world by leveraging spatial sound techniques.

Well done Pheobe and the Hear the World team for delivering a novel audio quality of experience!

The Hackathon, taking place over 9-10 November, has had QxLab members participating for the last two years with with Alessandro joining the action in 2018.